School Site Council Members

School Site Council Membership

School Site Councils (SSC) are comprised of parents, community members, staff, and students at secondary schools, who are selected by each of their constituent groups.  At the elementary level, the minimum number of members is ten. The elementary SSC is comprised of half parents and community members; and half school personnel, with classroom teachers in the majority, and one other staff member (not a classroom teacher).  The principal is an ex-officio member of the SSC. A School Site Council may have more members, as long as the correct configuration for elementary schools is maintained. 


Education Code 52852 requires that the SSC be configured as follows:   

Elementary Schools Elementary Model:

  • Minimum of ten (10) members  
  • 50% Parents/Community Members (minimum of 5) 
  • Parents must have a child currently enrolled in the school. 
  • Parents/community members may not be employed at the school site. 
  • 50% School Personnel (minimum of 5) 
  • Principal (automatic member) 
  • Minimum of three (3) Classroom Teachers 
  • Minimum of one (1) Other School Representative* 
  • Classroom teachers must be in the majority. 
  • *Other School Representative is defined as follows: At least one staff member who is not a classroom teacher must be included on the SSC. The SSC shall design and conduct elections for these staff members to elect their representative. Examples: ELST, office staff, resource teachers, custodian.

SSC Members

Staff Representatives:

  • Marlene Curtin 
  • Teresa Behnke
  • Kimberly Warren
  • Karina Reyes

Parent Representatives:

  • Annie Alwine
  • Kristi Moon
  • Goldamer Thach Herbon
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