Arrival & Departure

Pick-up & Drop-off Procedures

Navigating the arrival and departure process at Hardy Elementary presents unique challenges. We understand that waiting during pickup and drop-off can be time-consuming, especially during the initial weeks of school when new families adapt to our traffic flow, and prior to children starting their before and after-school programs. Our location on a busy street adds complexity to traffic management, compounded by the fact that we are in a permitted parking neighborhood, which affects parking availability. Furthermore, San Diego Unified does not provide school buses, resulting in more parents relying on personal transportation. Parking is limited, primarily designated for UTK and Kinder students, sometimes requiring staff to double park. 

Please know we do everything we can to keep traffic running and your kids safe. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to parents and guardians for their patience and assistance in ensuring the smooth flow of traffic and maintaining safety.


  • Plan ahead and be prepared for potential wait times.
  • Keep your child’s name card in the windshield to facilitate a smoother process.
  • Follow instructions provided by Mr. Jerry and the school staff.
  • Review and share the traffic flow maps with other family members.
  • Consider carpooling to reduce the number of vehicles in the pickup/drop-off area.
  • Move your car up to facilitate the flow of traffic on Montezuma.
  • Strictly adhere to safety guidelines and instructions from staff and student "Safeties."
  • Use designated crosswalks marked with yellow paint when walking to and from parked cars.
  • Observe "NO PARKING" areas marked by red-painted curbs and posted signs.
morning traffic


  • Do not let your child in or out on Montezuma or in the red zones.
  • Avoid crossing between cars.
  • Do not park in areas marked with red-painted curbs, as it's prohibited by law.
  • Refrain from arriving significantly in advance of dismissal, as this contributes to traffic congestion and hinders emergency vehicle access. (Please don't arrive before 2:00pm or 11:10am on minimum days)
  • Ensure your car is not left unattended in the drop-off or pickup area.
  • If parking in the SDSU lot, ensure you pay the required parking fees to prevent any issues.
Your patience and adherence to these guidelines play a pivotal role in enhancing safety and efficiency during pickup and drop-off. Thank you for your understanding and support. Please refer to the maps below, illustrating the traffic flow, which changes between the morning and afternoon.
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