School Procedures


Assemblies and Fieldtrips

● Listen to and follow directions

● Walk in a safe, orderly manner to assigned assembly areas.

● Show appreciation by applauding at the proper times

● Be courteous to performers and others

● Always sit safely

Assemblies and fieldtrips are privileges to be earned with excellent citizenship. Students who fail to demonstrate satisfactory citizenship, with ample support and clear, consistent warnings, may be excluded from participating in assemblies, fieldtrips, and special classroom events.

General Procedures

• Students may not bring gum, candy, toys, games, or electronic equipment to school.

• Students are to stand behind the yellow safety lines while waiting for a water-filling station.

• Students are not to be in classrooms unless a teacher is present.

• Students must not do anything that will endanger themselves or others.

• Students may not leave the school grounds during school hours.

• Students remain silent and orderly during emergency drills --- FAST WALKING, NO TALKING keeps us safe!

• Students are to always walk. Running is permitted only when supervised by adults.

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