Health and Accident Procedures


1. The “NO SHOTS, NO SCHOOL" District Policy is in effect. Children enrolling for the first time in a San Diego City School must provide an official document of MMR, Polio, DPT, Varicella and Hepatitis B immunization.


2. Children may not be given any kind of non-prescription medicine at school unless he/she has written authorization from a licensed physician.  Children may not bring or keep with them medication of any kind. Parents must bring all medication to the Health Office, with printed doctor’s orders for health staff to follow.

3. Parents of any pupil who must take medicine prescribed by a physician during the school day must submit a "Physician's Recommendation for Medication.”  The medicine container must include: 1) name of pupil; 2) name of the prescribing physician; 3) an identification number of the prescription container; 4) name of the pharmacy; and 5) the amount of the medication to be taken and time(s). No injections may be given at school except by a registered school nurse.

4. While statistics indicate that more accidents occur away from school than at school, children nevertheless do injure themselves from time to time at school.  Staff members will usually take care of minor injuries at school.  In the event of a more serious injury, parents are always notified and requested to come to the school for their child.  EMERGENCY NAMES AND PHONE NUMBERS MUST BE ON FILE FOR EACH CHILD OF THOSE PERSONS WHO ARE LEGALLY EMPOWERED TO TAKE CHARGE OF AN INJURED CHILD IN THE EVENT A PARENT CANNOT BE REACHED.

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